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Northrop Grumman awarded five-year tax break

GULFPORT — Harrison County supervisors have given Northrop Grumman a five-year tax exemption for equipment purchased for its $16 million improvement project at the company’s Gulfport operation.

Larry Barnett, director of the Harrison County Development Commission, told The Sun Herald that the exemption applies only to the upgrade, which equals about $89,000 in county taxes.

Northrop Grumman officials said they purchased a new bridge crane and mold table used in the fabrication of composite structures.

Barnett said the commission also plans to ask the city of Gulfport for a tax break for the project, which would total about $84,000.

Barnett said Northrop sill pays about $419,000 yearly in taxes to the city, county and school district.

The Gulfport facility employs about 550.

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