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SmartSynch signs marketing agreement with CSA

JACKSON — SmartSynch Inc. has entered into a co-marketing agreement with Central Service Association (CSA), a member-owned utility consortium comprised of 130 members across a nine state region that includes the entire Tennessee Valley Authority service area.

Formed in 1937, CSA is owned and controlled by the utilities that rely on its products and services to perform day-to-day operations and information technology management functions. These include a comprehensive range of customer, financial and engineering information systems, networking and Internet communications, hardware and software and consulting and statement mailing services.

CSA will add SmartSynch’s smart grid solution as an “approved vendor” to its stable of product and service offerings. The solution is comprised of SmartSynch’s SmartMeters, Transaction Management System (TMS) software, Managed Services solution and cellular services.

SmartSynch’s turn-key Managed Services solution will handle the reading, uploading, storage and delivery of energy consumption data for participating CSA member utilities. “Our organization is owned by those we serve and has a very strong heritage and reputation for dedicated efforts to provide accurate and reliable services,” said Roger Smith, CSA’s director of business development. “After thoroughly researching potential smart grid solution partners, we believe the reliability and proven performance of SmartSynch’s products and services will be a perfect match for our members seeking smart grid functionality for their customers.”

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