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Biden glosses over woes of ARRA-funded program

FRESNO, Calif. — Vice President Joe Biden says the Obama administration “hit the accelerator” toward spending $5 billion under the economic stimulus law to weatherize people’s homes, create thousands of jobs, help consumers save money and put the nation on track for energy independence.

Yet the weatherization program Biden highlighted in his visit yesterday to New Hampshire is widely considered among the least organized spending projects under the $814-billion economic stimulus law. It has also been criticized for its slow progress by auditors and outsiders.

Biden didn’t hint much at its troubles.

Nearly 18 months since it started, the stimulus weatherization program has experienced spending delays, inefficiencies and mismanagement.

In Biden’s home state of Delaware, the entire program has been suspended since May, and last month federal auditors identified possible fraud.

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  1. The VP is out-of-touch and downright stupid. Using his name, he is “biden-his-time” and won’t be back for a second term.

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