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Bomgar introduces new Apple-friendly platform

RIDGELAND — Bomgar Corporation has introduced the latest version of its Bomgar Appliance — Version 10.5.2 — which now offers new remote support features for devices using the Apple iOS platform, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Bomgar enables customers to run custom configuration profiles on their iOS devices, automating routine support tasks beyond just e-mail and calendar configuration, including configuring device security policies, VPN settings, Wi-Fi settings, Exchange account settings and certificates that permit iOS users to work with a variety of systems.

“Today’s employees and customers expect to be able to use their mobile device of choice to conduct business, but IT support teams don’t have time to help each individual configure their device,” said Troy Harrison, vice president of product management at Bomgar. “Giving enterprises the tools to automatically and securely configure the iPhone and iPad is another step in our commitment to providing the most robust and secure remote support features for mobile devices. We’re closely evaluating the evolution of the various mobile platforms, and we’ll continue to provide customers with the most advanced remote support options possible as new devices hit the market.”

The initial iOS support features expand Bomgar’s wide range of remote support capabilities for today’s most popular smartphones. For BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices, Bomgar also allows IT to access the screen and troubleshoot as if physically in front of the mobile device, remotely navigating the mouse and keyboard through the smartphone’s interface.

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