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Ex-insurance agent gets jail time, probation

HERNANDO — A former Olive Branch insurance agent has been sentenced after entering an open plea to charges he converted premium payments to his personal use.

The Attorney General’s Office says Eric Jerome Boone’s open plea meant that he refused to accept the state’s recommended sentence and threw himself on the mercy of the court.

DeSoto County Circuit Judge Robert Chamberlain Tuesday sentenced Boone to five years in prison to be followed by two years supervised probation.

Attorney General Jim Hood says Boone collected premium payments in the amount of $3,452.40 and failed to deposit them, using them instead for his own use.

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  1. OMG did Eric Jerome Boone not learn anything from George Bush?
    If your going to steal Money, Votes, or Oil from other country’s make sure you get it all.
    Then you can own the courts, police, the whole system and have our army’s back you up.

    If this guy has never committed a act like this before I say make him pay back the money
    remove him from ever being a insurance agent ever again, and yes do give him two years supervised probation if he acquires a job where money exchanges hands. But not five years in prison.
    Many convicted killers only get ten to fifteen years.

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