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FNC Inc. forms new consulting division

OXFORD — FNC Inc. has launched a new consulting division, designed to guide clients through implementation and toward best industry practices.

FNC special projects director Jon Fisher, a former managing principal consultant with Oracle Software, is teaming up with Lance Thoet, who heads the new division and was vice president of product development at real estate services provider CBC Companies.

“It is not our intention to charge FNC clients for these consulting services,” FNC president Glen Evans said. “Our consultants will offer their expertise free. We envision them helping clients meet deadlines in aggressive schedules by executing technological solutions quickly and smoothly and working internally with FNC departments to find the best ways to solve a client’s changing needs and priorities.”

As the consulting service grows over time and becomes more specialized and intensive, Evans believes it may spawn an additional revenue stream.

Fisher and Thoet have extensive experience analyzing clients’ technological needs and crafting the perfect system for them. Fisher was FNC Client Services Group director for eight years and implemented the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) principles and requirements into FNC’s platforms.

Thoet has years of experience with FNC products and has provided clients with services that ranged from title, valuation (AVMs, BPOs and appraisals), flood determinations, data verification, authentication and loan origination software.

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