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Keeping our eye on: Brad Franklin

Brad Franklin

Brad Franklin

Age: 38
Education: BS in mass communication, Jackson State University
Current Position: Director of media & community affairs, Watkins Development; president/CEO, OurGlass Entertainment

Brad Franklin, better known in the Capitol City as “Kamikaze” or just plain “Kaz”, has been director of media and communications affairs for Watkins Development since 2008.
“(David Watkins) is a visionary,” Franklin says. “I’m thankful that he saw something in me that many didn’t. It’s been a pleasure working for him.”
Franklin started out as an artist and independent label owner in the hip hop industry before moving into corporate communications and event planning. He received two NAACP awards in 2005 and 2007.
Franklin’s communications career has also included stints as an Associated Press night desk editor, a master control operator for WAPT and a co-host for “The Kim Wade Show” on WJNT.
Entertainment is still a big part of his workload as a minority investor in the Farish Street Entertainment District in Jackson and as managing partner for Dreamz, another downtown venue.
When Franklin isn’t coordinating media interviews or booking activities for Watkins Development, he hosts “A Closer Look,” a weekly public affairs program produced by Mississippi Public Broadcasting. In his spare time, he is active in the Jackson Progressives, Crossroads Film Festival, Mississippi Arts and Producers Coalition and the National Hip Hop Congress.

Mississippi’s Best Kept Secret: “me!”
Must Have Mississippi Food: Smoked turkey legs
Favorite Hangout: Dreamz in Jackson
Favorite TV Show: “Seinfeld”
Favorite Movie: “Anchorman”
Favorite Band: Storage 24
Last Book Read: “Leadership” by Rudy Giuliani
Best Role Model: My parents

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  1. deborah Rae Wright

    glad to see this

  2. deborah Rae Wright

    Keep up the good news and about Farish Street and downtown Capitol City Jackson Mississippi

  3. Mr. Franklin i watched your program on last night, I enjoyed it,I have a problem with noisy nieghbors it has gotten so bad yhere are about 15 people living in this 3 b/room house they fight play loud music on one sunday moring one of the men staying there shot across the street @ my other nieghbor becaause he asked him to turn down the music he hidden the gun before the police came his sister came outside and picked up the shell caseings.they have dogs that they let roam free they have dug up yard.the kids who live there they go to school when they are ready. i have spoken with the young man who rented them the house he would talk to them and the next day its the same if not worse. they trash my yard . last nigth i smelled smoke so looked outside and they had a fire going on the front lawn.sitting out there smoking like they are on a camp site they come into the driveway driving 15 to 25 miles going around to the back of the house. I call Mr. Tillman’s office and spoke with someone in his office about the shootings , fighting and loud music. I want to know what can we do as a neighborhood to get these people to move. I live on Prentiss st [south] I CAN SPEAK FOR US ALL WE ARE TRIED OF THESE PEOPLE if i thougt i could get what i haveput into my house i would sell and move. before they moved in this was a quite street. what can we do Mr. franklin…….

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