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Less than 200 victims still in FEMA trailers

MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST — Gov. Haley Barbour announced that, after Hurricane Katrina forced families into more than 45,000 FEMA temporary housing units, only 176 of the travel trailers are occupied in the state today, including 93 units in the three coastal counties.

Approaching the anniversary of the storm, the number of temporary housing units being utilized is 0.4 percent of the peak.

The number of remaining FEMA temporary housing units by county is: Hancock, 22; Harrison, 56; Jackson, 15; Pearl River, 31; Stone, six; George, three; and, others, 43.

The announcement coincides with the release of updated housing estimates by The Compass Group, LLC, and Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District. The June 2010 update to the Mississippi Housing Data Project reveals the housing supply has corresponded to the population of the coastal region since 2009 and the number of housing units on the Mississippi Gulf Coast will return to pre-Katrina levels in 2011.

At the height of the Mississippi Alternative Housing Program, more than 2,800 Katrina Cottages were occupied. As of July 2010, 500 units had been sold to their occupants as permanent housing; only 950 units remain occupied with many of those occupants working towards purchasing their cottage.

The updated report from the Mississippi Housing Data Project can be downloaded at smpdd.com/data-center/mississippi-housing-data-project.html.

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