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Navagis rolls out new iPhone application

JACKSON — Navagis has rolled out the MobileRecon application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The Jackson-based company describes MobileRecon as “a revolutionary tool based on the need for information awareness across all levels of an organization.”

MobileRecon works seamlessly to deliver geo-located and time-stamped video, audio, photographs, text and data from the field directly onto the Google Earth Enterprise Server. In addition, user generated maps and live asset tracking can be displayed on the server and the smart phone simultaneously with Google Maps.

Navagis says MobileRecon gives a technological advantage to businesses, government and other organizations by providing a seamlessly interconnected information sharing work force: the front-line employee experience is now immediately transferred to decision makers in real-time through a Wi-Fi or cellular network and visualized on the intuitive Google Earth platform.

MobileRecon builds on Navagis’ expertise of Google Earth Enterprise in commercial, government and military applications.

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