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AT&T invests $125M in state this year

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — In just the first six months of this year, AT&T invested nearly $125 million in its wireless and wireline networks to continue improving service for customers in Mississippi.

Upgrades to the AT&T wireless network included new cell sites, expanded mobile broadband coverage and increased 3G capacity. The investment also included upgrades to the AT&T wireline infrastructure, such as expanded AT&T U-verse® services, additional AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots, and extended reach of broadband services.

AT&T Mississippi president Mayo Flint said, “Our investment stimulates the economy and fosters employment for U.S. workers,” Flynt  said. “We are proud of that. In fact, AT&T has invested more in the last three years in our networks than any of our U.S. competitors. That creates economic growth across the board. Even in this troubled economy, we plan to invest $18 to $19 billion this year, assuming the regulatory environment remains favorable.”

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