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Casinos' revenues down slightly from last year

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi’s 30 state-licensed casinos last month almost matched the take from gamblers recorded in August 2009.

The state revenue department says the casinos won $202 million, down only 1.6 percent from the previous August.

Along the Gulf Coast, 11 casinos won $101.3 million, up 5.6 percent from August 2009. On the Mississippi River, 19 casinos experienced a 7.9 percent dip, winning $100.7 million last month. In Aug. 2009, river casinos won $109.3 million.

The latest results indicate the Gulf Coast may be shaking off some of the effects of the Gulf oil spill. The August winnings were up 3.8 percent from July 2010. July is typically a better month for the industry, coming at the height of the summer season and with a major holiday weekend.

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  1. Perhaps the reason Mississippi has so few home foreclosures compared to other states is because MS doesn’t have a lot of casinos. It will be interesting t see if foreclosures in increase as more casinos proliferate the state.

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