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Solvay suspending production, cutting jobs

BAY ST. LOUIS — Solvay Advanced Polymers, LLC, is suspending production at its facility in Bay St. Louis that makes the plastic PrimoSpire SRP (self-reinforced polyphenylene) in order to refocus its people and assets on research and development to fully commercialize the product.

The move will eliminate 14 positions at the site while retaining five R&D positions and transferring another five employees to other facilities and sites within the company.

“We see great opportunity for PrimoSpire SRP in a multitude of industries and applications and are committed to funding its development,” said Chris Wilson, senior vice president for ultra polymers at Solvay. “This strategic business decision will focus assets and personnel on refining and improving the process technologies necessary to realize PrimoSpire’s full commercial potential.

“We regret the impact this move will have on affected employees and the community.”

Solvay said it would offer severance packages and comprehensive outplacement services to affected employees. In addition, the company will continue talks with some affected employees about other opportunities within the company.

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