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TVA: Hundreds of businesses conserved during hot summer

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — More than 372 businesses across the Tennessee Valley Authority service area reduced their electricity use this summer as part of a program that is helping TVA and all consumers save energy and money, according to the utility

TVA, regional power distributors and energy management contractor EnerNOC worked together to lower peak power demand during the hottest days of this summer’s heat wave.

TVA has contracted with EnerNOC since 2008 to coordinate pre-arranged peak load reduction agreements, known as demand response, with businesses in the region.

The program is showing results. On July 29 and Aug. 3, two of this summer’s hottest and highest demand days, the EnerNOC contract delivered 183 megawatts and 170 megawatts of peak power savings, respectively. That is enough each day to serve about 100,000 homes.

TVA has expanded its EnerNOC contract to provide 560 megawatts of peak reduction through demand response. Currently, customers served by 99 local power distributors are participating in TVA’s demand response management program.

For the past year, EnerNOC has worked with TVA, distributors and business customers to find ways to reduce use of electricity upon request. The program includes payments to customers and installation of advanced technologies, such as sophisticated thermostats, meters and other systems.

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