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Garbage from ‘left’ rag


Almost two years into Nobama term and it’s still Bush’s fault  (Poll: Republicans more unpopular than Democrats, 09/24/10)!???  … Why should I or my wife and son excel, produce, study hard and work only to provide for those who languish and beg for handouts and fail to achieve yet be guaranteed by this prezz they get free healthcare, extended jobless benes??? Personally, I’m working through this recession to keep my obligations, mortgage, bills. I’ve served my country for nine years before that. I didn’t have a choice of location to work but it is work. So I work, pay bills, pay for my healthcare, obey the laws, vote and did this all on my own dime.

BTW, I expect such garbage coming from a left wing news organization that Nobama is the second coming. He is showing his incompetence, lack of experience and political priorities. Glad to see Woodward publish about Barack Hussein’s priorities over the American people. Hey, did anyone notice this is a capitalist democracy?

Ted Racine


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