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NCF signs contract with The Center

PORT GIBSON — National Clean Fuels chairman and president Maurice Stone announced that the company signed an option agreement with the Center for Environment, Commerce & Energy (The Center).

The Center has the expertise to assist NACF with the development and implementation of clean and alternative energy services and systems in the City of Port Gibson and surrounding areas. NACF signed a letter of intent with the municipality last month to devise plans for biomass and solar-energy production in Port Gibson as well as other potential means of green energy production.

“A partnership with the Center for Environment, Commerce & Energy would allow us to see the Port Gibson project all the way through from the planning stage to implementation,” Stone said. “We believe that the City of Port Gibson can become one of the state’s premier hubs of clean-fuel production and development, and The Center can help us make that transformation a reality.”

The Center for Environment, Commerce & Energy is a private interest group that promotes and develops efficient use of natural resources and environmental safeguards. The company has the resources and expertise needed to implement alternative energy plans for future power production in the Port Gibson area. Currently, NACF and The Center are working to identify opportunities within Port Gibson’s power grid and municipal properties for clean-fuel production and use as well as any incentives Port Gibson may be eligible to receive for the development of its alternative energy strategy from federal, state and local government agencies.

Mississippi lawmakers have authorized $51 million in new incentives to help bring three biofuel plants to the state. These incentives, along with an existing $30 million loan from the state, add up to an $81 million incentive package.

“Mississippi is taking the steps necessary to emerge as the nation’s premier state for biomass energy and usage, and The Center is committed to help the City of Port Gibson and surrounding areas lead the way,” said Norris McDonald, President of The Center.

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