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Manufacturing is 15% of Miss. economy

Miss. GDP 2008

Miss. GDP 2008

By Amy McCullough

What are the largest sectors of Mississippi’s economy?

* Government 17.5%
* Manufacturing 15%
* Retail 8.2%
* Real Estate, Rental & Leasing 8.2%
* Health Care & Social Assistance 7.3%

For the first time, the MBJ has added “manufacturing” to its beat system. We look forward to exploring and analyzing the second-largest sector of the state economy as we write our way into 2011.

We’ll ask questions like:

* What attracts businesses to certain regions of the state?
* How big a part do education and workforce development play?
* What can regions of the state do to better market themselves?
* How do we retain businesses that have already located in Mississippi?
* How many plants have we lost during the last 10 years?
* How many have we gained?

Feel free to e-mail your ideas, questions or suggestions to amy.mccullough@msbusiness.com.

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