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Towns want to get closer to Toyota plant

SHERMAN and BLUE SPRINGS — Two northeast Mississippi towns are hoping to expand their city limits to make the most of their proximity to Toyota.

Officials with the towns of Sherman and Blue Springs tell WTVA-TV in Tupelo that they are taking steps to secure separate parcels of land near the Toyota plant.

Sherman Mayor Ben Logan said his city wants to annex 1,500 acres or roughly two square miles in portions of Lee, Union and Pontotoc Counties.

Logan said it would be ideal for residential, commercial and industrial development.

“It will take one large development either at the Highway 9 and Highway 78 intersection or anywhere else or a residential type development that will cause the flood gates to open,” Logan said.

Logan hopes to adopt an annexation ordinance by January and get public hearings held.

He said the annexation is important because it will enable the city to zone the areas for appropriate construction projects.

Neighboring Blue Springs is working on its own proposal.

“The city’s plans are in the very preliminary stages but, we need to protect this land because we might need to use it in the future,” Blue Springs Town Clerk Jan Musgrove said.

Musgrove said while discussions continue, the town would want to have land close to the Toyota plant among other areas.

The Toyota plant at Blue Springs is scheduled to open in the fall of 2011 to build Corolla sedans. Toyota has said the plant will have about 2,000 employees once it hits full operation in 2012.

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