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Ergon, Mathy roll out new REVIX product

JACKSON — Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions Inc. and Mathy Construction Co. of Onalaska, Wis., announced the award of a patented process that allows for the production and placement of conventional hot mix asphalt (HMA) at reduced temperatures of up to 75 F.

This surfactant-enabled patented process, which is compatible with non-modified, polymer modified and PPA containing asphalt binders was co-developed by Mathy Technology & Engineering (MTE) and Paragon Technical Services Inc., and has been trademarked REVIX.

REVIX will be exclusively marketed internationally by MWV Specialty Chemicals Division’s Asphalt Innovations team as MWV EVOTHERM 3G.

EVOTHERM 3G offers many advantages over other WMA processes including significant energy savings and environmental benefits over conventional HMA, according to the two companies.

“We are excited to have teamed up with MWV to market this technology internationally as EVOTHERM 3G,” said Baxter Burns, executive vice president of Ergon. “This patented WMA additive greatly expands and diversifies our existing product portfolio, with readily apparent value to our customers and the infrastructure industry.”

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