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MDOT gives update on 'S-Curve' project

LAUREL — The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is continuing the final phase of work on the $11.6-million Interstate 59 reconstruction project in Jones County, just north of the construction zone formerly known as the “S-Curve.”

The project was awarded to Tanner Construction involving two miles of roadway on Interstate 59 from Fourth Avenue to Chantilly Street.

Crews have finished the deck slab and concrete handrail on bridges spanning Fourth Avenue, Masonite Road, Walter’s Avenue and U.S. 15/Cook Avenue. Work has now begun along the U.S. 84 section of the project to begin the substructure work in that area.

Tanner Construction has corrected the slopes between these avenues to the required specifications and completed the lane widening process, which creates 6 feet for an inside shoulder, two 12 feet travel lanes and 10 feet for the outside shoulder.

The majority of the guardrails have been constructed between Fourth Avenue and Wayne Farms.

Crews have installed all retaining walls from Fourth Avenue to U.S. 15.

Two more walls are scheduled to be installed around the U.S. 84 connection in the upcoming months.

Starting Dec. 13, crews will be removing the temporary median barriers from I-59 from Fourth Avenue to south of U.S. 84 and placing temporary median barriers from just south of U.S. 84 to the end of the permanent median barrier north of U.S. 84. Anticipated completion for project and complete removal of temporary median barriers is expected by July 2011.

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