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Pharmacy closing after 118 years in business

AMORY — Peoples Drug Company will close the doors Dec. 31, ending its run as Amory’s oldest pharmacy in Amory.

A pharmacy has existed in the same location on Main Street since 1892.

The pharmacy burned in 1893 and was rebuilt in 1894. The only thing saved from the fire were blue apothecary jars that have been on display at Peoples Drug Company since they were given to Dick Millender, owner of Peoples Drug, by Mae Owens, who had built and owned the pharmacy.

Another attraction at the store was the set of swinging saloon doors, which Millender thinks were once in a downtown saloon.

Evelyn Gregory Reedy and her aunt, Bessie Johnson, bought the pharmacy in 1944, and her uncle served as the pharmacist.

Millender started working as a pharmacist at Peoples Drug Company Feb. 16, 1959. He bought the building in 1967 and remodeled it and made the pharmacy larger.

“Things have changed 200 percent since I began as a pharmacist in 1959,” Millender told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal. “Everybody wants to do things by computer now. There is not a place for a mom and pop business anymore. Big pharmacies can sell merchandise cheaper than we can buy it.”

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  1. this story really makes me so very sad…….it is a crying shame that the little “MOM AND POP” pharmacies are having to close not just in amory but everywhere….when i moved to mississippi i went to work at a ‘MOM AND POP” pharmacy…those were some of the best years of my life….you saw how caring people really work…..i was proud to say that i worked at may’s pharmacy because they had been in town for a hundred years and people still trusted…..that doesn’t happen anywhere these days people don’t trust and they have a good reason because of all the bad people in this world……it just goes to show that there is still caring people in this world….and all you have to do is look real hard!!!! and that is sad that the corprate pharmacies are taking over…..because you are just a number to them at “MY” pharmacy you are a person and a part of a VERY BIG FAMILY….

    listen up people of the world……there is, belive it or not……..loving and caring people left in this world….all you have to do is look…….

  2. This is ridiculous that independent pharmacies can hardly compete with large companies.

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