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Presley's office scrutinizing wireless retailers

JACKSON — Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley announced that his office has begun random checks of wireless phone retailers to ensure compliance with the Consumer Code for Wireless Service.

Designated wireless companies are required, by PSC order, to comply with the code, which provides consumer rights at the point of purchase; such as a 14-day trial period, the availability of a map detailing service and coverage along with eight other rights designed to protect consumers.

“It’s important throughout the year, but particularly here at Christmas time, that customers who are buying products and services from wireless companies be protected and that they know their rights when making these purchases,” Presley said.

“My office… will be making random checks of wireless retailers throughout the 33 counties in North Mississippi to make sure these rules are being followed and that customers are being afforded these rights.”

During the checks, Presley said employees of the PSC might request volunteer interviews with customers who have recently purchased wireless service.

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  1. Brandon Presley has put himself on the fast track. Every time I turn on the TV or radio he is on talking about the No Call List. Any day now I expect him to announced he is running for Gov. and then every one on the No Call List will be getting calls from him.

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