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Singing River's members receiving $3M in credits

LUCEDALE — Singing River Electric Power Association is returning $3 million in revenue to current members.

Company officials say the amount the current member receives will be based on kilowatt-hour sales billed between Dec. 7, 2010, and Jan. 6, 2011. The average residential customer will receive a credit of about $45-$60 on their bill.

The Mississippi Press reports the credit is a result of increased revenue brought about by the unseasonably sustained cold weather the region experienced in January and February of 2010, as well as the hot summer.

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  1. They should compensate us when they gouged us for Katrina.

  2. After Katrins in 2005, homes without power were charged double and triple the going rate whether used or not. And now they try to make themselves look good after gouging customers (not members) out of hundreds.

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