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AlphaGen finds site for ceramics materials plant

PHILADELPHIA — Officials from Lotus Holdings and AlphaGen Materials announced that AlphaGen is locating operations in Philadelphia in Central Mississippi.

A manufacturer of Cerarmix polymer ceramic coatings for industrial applications, infrastructure repair and clean energy applications, AlphaGen will be locating in the 235,000-square-foot facility formerly occupied by U.S. Motors. The project represents an initial investment of $10 million by the company and will create 200 new jobs, according to the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA).

Company founder Matt Merchant, said, “We are pleased to be opening this new plant and are confident that these new operations will strongly position AlphaGen and its partner companies, Priva and E-Mars, for future growth and job creation in the years ahead.

The MDA worked closely with city officials to fund public infrastructure improvements necessary to help AlphaGen locate in Philadelphia.

Headquartered in Vinton, Iowa, AlphaGen manufactures and sells Cerarmix, a ceramic-metallic composite material that is used to improve performance and extend the useful lives of products made from fiberglass-reinforced polymers, concrete, metals and bio-materials. The company’s Philadelphia plant will supply specific mixes of ceramic composite materials for use in the company’s products.

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  1. Delighted to hear it. We are their partners in Canada, and just thrilled to hear that the wooing has resulted in a potentially fruitful marriage.

  2. What I said was: “I am delighted to hear this. We are their Canadian counterparts and were aware of the overtures being made, but had not heard that the wooing had resulted in a fruitful coupling.” – Or words to that effect.

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