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Cities asking for no unfunded mandates from Legislature

JACKSON — The Mississippi Municipal League (MML) will announce its 2011 Legislative Agenda tomorrow at the State Capitol.

Along with other items on their agenda, a major emphasis on the MML agenda will be asking the Legislature to abstain from passing legislation that puts an unfunded mandate on county and city governments.

“We recognize that our state government is facing its most serious budget crisis in recent history and that the likelihood for any new funding for local governments is very slim. At the same time we want to protect the revenue we have against new unfunded mandates that we simply can’t afford,” said MML president and Prentiss Mayor Charley Dumas.

The MML and the Mississippi Association of Supervisors recently sent a letter to key legislative leadership asking that no unfunded mandates be passed this session.

“Local governments in Mississippi can’t continue to bear the burden of implementing laws and regulations without the funds to pay for them,” said MAS executive director Derrick Surrette. “We are simply asking the State Legislature to maintain the status quo this year as we all continue to struggle with the affects of our economy.”

Other issues being closely monitored by the MML include the exemption of inventory taxes (oppose); Repeal of Section 42 Housing Tax Assessment Method (support); Cuts to Homestead Exemption Reimbursement (oppose); Local Option Sales Tax (support); and, Protection of Home Rule (support) among others.

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