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Entergy Mississippi prepares for winter storm

JACKSON — Entergy Mississippi Inc. reports it is preparing for the possibility of power outages over the next several days that could be caused by accumulation of ice and snow on power lines, utility poles and tree limbs.

Ice storms can pose significant threat to an electric system,” said Robbin Jeter, director of transmission and distribution operations for Entergy Mississippi in Jackson. “Although the forecast doesn’t appear to be a major winter storm, we’re leaving nothing to chance. Our crews are prepared if bad weather strikes.”

Entergy officials have been working with the company’s weather vendors in advance of the storm to better understand the potential risk and prepare accordingly.

“We model anticipated damage and stock up on needed materials, ready our trucks for driving on snow and ice, organize the manpower and arrange for food and lodging for the crews,” said Jeter. “It’s an enormous undertaking, but part of the job. As always, we plan for the worst and hope for the best.”

When planning which work will be done first following a storm, Entergy Mississippi places top priority on restoring service to facilities considered critical. These include hospitals, fire stations, police departments and other public facilities. After critical infrastructure has been restored, crews do the work that will get the largest numbers of customers on as quickly as possible.

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