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LLCs have April 15 deadline for submitting annual reports

The new year brought a bit of extra work for Mississippi limited liability companies. For the first time, LLCs based in the state must file annual reports with the Secretary of State’s office by April 15
Don’t stress over it, though. All the state wants is an update on your address, executives and officers.
No fee is charged for domestic LLCs. Foreign LLCs must enclose a check for $250 payable to the Secretary of State.
You can file online at sos.state.ms.us. After that, tere is no need to mail anything to the state, according to the Secretary of State’s office.
You will need to know your LLC’s Business ID number to begin. If you don’t know it you can get it at the sos.state.ms.us web site.
Failing to file the report gets your LLC administratively dissolved.
All Mississippi corporations must file an annual report by April 15. But expect to complete the filing in just a few minutes time, the Secretary of State’s office says, if you file online.
You will need the business ID of the corporation as well as a major credit card. You get a $3 discount for filing online.
You can get a copy of the LLC or corporation annual report form by calling the Business Services Division at 601 359-1633.
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