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Mississippi and Saudi Arabia have something in common

By Amy McCullough

Mississippi and Saudi Arabia have something in common. So says Raise Your Pints president Butch Bailey, a Hattiesburg forester.

They are the only governmental entities in the world who limit the alcohol content of beer brewed and imported to 5%.

Specialty beers often have 7% or 8% alcohol content, and critics argue that our antiquated law is costing Mississippi significant tax revenues. But a bill that would raise the limit is expected to be dead on arrival.

Feelings on the issue don’t seem to fall easily down Republican and Democratic lines.

Democratic Senator David Baria and Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Dennis favor changing the law.

Both preach economic freedom and personal responsibility.

While Republican gubernatorial candidate and Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant does not.

Read more in Clay Chandler’s “Bizz killer” story in this week’s MBJ. Also, see Part I of MBJ-TV’s video interview with Dave Dennis.

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