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Mississippi Power chooses name for Kemper plant

GULFPORT — Mississippi Power Co. says its power plant under construction in Kemper County will be named for David M. Ratcliffe, recently retired chairman, president and CEO of Southern Company.

Ratcliffe served as president of Mississippi Power from 1991 to 1995. He started work with Southern Company as a chemist and worked his way up to chief executive at Mississippi Power and then at Southern Company.

He served at the helm of Southern Company for about six years, retiring in 2010 after 39 years of service to the company.

Plant Ratcliffe is scheduled to begin commercial operation in 2014.

The 582-megawatt plant is being built between Highways 493 and 495 near the Liberty community.

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  1. Ratcliffe should feel so honored that his name will grace a company that is being built on the backs of the poor. Enjoy your retirement! You can thank the people of Kemper County as they struggle to pay their electric bills that have increased directly because of the plant. The powers that be (excuse the pun) in Mississippi have the opportunity to choose cleaner possibilities. Why not choose companies that will bring more jobs and be cleaner for the people for Mississippi? MS is in a unique position to choose wisely the companies that pepper the future, but nasty coal plants are not the answer. Be smart and choose clean companies that produce more jobs.

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