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Nooe sells two restaurants, opens Grant's Kitchen

JACKSON — Chef Grant Nooe, whose past restaurant projects include Brick Oven Cafe, Pan Asia, Fresh Market Cafe and 400 East Capitol, has opened a new “quick cuisine” restaurant. Grant’s Kitchen is located at the corner of  River Oaks and Lakeland Drive.

While fast casual dining has seen exponential growth nationally as well as right here in Jackson in a number of franchise restaurants, Nooe said he has seen where fast casual chains fall short.

“It’s a great idea to keep the ‘fast’ and improve the food,” he said. “Unfortunately in the execution, it’s mostly window dressing.”

Nooe has sold his interest in Pan Asia and Fresh Market in order to devote all of his energies to Grant’s Kitchen.

The restaurant is located at 2847 Lakeland Drive, at the corner of River Oaks Drive. Hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

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