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Simpson concerned about immigration law

JACKSON — The head of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety says a proposed immigration enforcement law could cause a burden on some law enforcement agencies.

MDPS Commissioner Stephen Simpson says there are costs associated with detaining suspected illegal immigrants, holding hearings for them and transporting them to federal facilities.

Simpson told the Senate Judiciary A Committee yesterday that he had no stance on the proposal that’s similar to the law passed in Arizona, which requires police while enforcing other laws to check the status of people if there is reason to suspect they are in the country illegally.

The committee made changes to the proposal, including adding language aimed at preventing racial profiling and protecting churches that aid illegal immigrants. No vote was taken.

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  1. I am sorry, but a church should not be exempt from prosecution if they aid and abet an illegal alien, in the federal law it is against the law to transport, house,hire or in any other way aid or abet an illegal alien… Why is it there are 2 sets of laws in this country?? why are the laws not enforced?? I think the loss of monies to the state,by ignoring the illegal aliens, is much higher than the cost to incarcerate them…

  2. Contact Sheriff Joe… he will tell you how to get the job done!

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