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State Senate mulling deer breeding farms

JACKSON — A bill pending before the state Senate would authorize the raising of genetically enhanced deer on breeding farms in Mississippi.

The bill, approved last week by the Senate Wildlife Committee, would allow the import and export of farm-raised white tail deer, it’s semen, ova and embryos.

Sen. , a Republican from Biloxi, tells WLBT-TV in Jackson that the practice could bring millions to the state annually.

He says Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Alabama already engage in this buying, selling, and hunting of white tail deer.

“It will allow the small farms to have enclosures where they can raise these deer, sell the deer, buy deer from outside the state of Mississippi,” Gollott said.

The Mississippi Wildlife Federation is against the practice saying it could cause contamination.

“It’s happened in other states where they have pen-raised deer where you have things like chronic wasting disease that can be passed to our native white-tail deer,” said MWF director Kathy Shropshire.

Gollott said the state veterinarian would oversee each operation, which would be required to buy an annual license.

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