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William Carey does not extend dean's contract

HATTIESBURG — William Carey University is searching for a new dean for its college of osteopathic medicine.

The Hattiesburg American reports that the decision was made after administrators decided not to rehire the college’s founding dean and vice president, Michael Murphy.

Murphy, who completed his three-year contract on Jan. 15, said he was not given a reason for the non- renewal of his contract.

William Carey president Tommy King says Murphy was hired to establish the school and completed the task in good fashion.

The college of osteopathic medicine, one of approximately 25 in the country, enrolled its first 108-member class in August.

Murphy said he does have other employment prospects, but declined to reveal them.

When asked whether he wanted to continue with the school past the end of his contract, Murphy said, “Sure I wanted to be there until the first class graduated or even further.”

William Carey has listed the job on the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine’s website.

King said he hopes to have a new dean hired by the end of February. He added it will be difficult to install a new dean during the middle of the school year, stating it is likely he or she will take over duties during the summer.

Associate dean Darrell Lovins will serve as interim dean.

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