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Defense Department orders more guns from BAE

HATTIESBURG — An order for 46 M777 howitzers from the U.S. Department of Defense takes the total number of guns ordered to 1001. The order comes as BAE Systems continues deliveries of M777 to Canada and Australia in addition to the U.S.

The M777 is the world’s first artillery weapon to make widespread use of titanium and aluminium alloys, resulting in a howitzer, which is half the weight of conventional 155mm systems. As a result, it can be deployed by medium-lift helicopters to otherwise inaccessible areas, extending its reach over the theater of operations.

Mike Smith, managing director of BAE Systems’ Global Combat Systems Weapons business, said, “M777’s capability is proven in combat daily – being sling-loaded under helicopters and air-dropped in some of the most demanding operational conditions on the planet. These additional orders serve to reinforce the confidence that our customers have in the system and its support.”

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