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Haley Barbour and Khosla Ventures

By Amy McCullough

Gov. Haley Barbour and a venture capital firm backing three of the most recent green energy startups purchased by the state of Mississippi will both be speaking at a California energy conference for high-rollers hosted by the editors of The Wall Street Journal.

ECO:nomics “will bring together the world’s top CEOs, policymakers, entrepreneurs and industry experts to discuss the key issues” at a Santa Barbara, California resort in March.

Mississippi has given hefty tax-payer-backed loans to Soladigm, Kior and Stion, all of which are backed by Khosla Ventures. The incentive packages for these companies were approved by a majority of the Mississippi Legislature at Gov. Barbour’s urging.

Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla

Others speakers are from Ford Motor Company, United Technologies, The Dow Chemical Company, DuPont, U.S. Department of Energy, various energy companies, Whole Foods and Sierra Club.

Invitations must be requested and are not guaranteed to be approved.

Topics include:

  • Energy policy, environmental regulation and government subsidy of clean technology: the view from the marketplace—and from Washington
  • How companies are managing environmental issues and shaping their energy future
  • New energy sources: Which way is the wind blowing? Are coal’s days numbered?
  • The drive toward electric cars—is the “big charge” justified?
  • China’s energy shift and what it means for the world
  • Who is writing the big checks—and to which emerging technologies?

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