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House passes Jackson State stadium legislation

JACKSON — House Bill 1158, passed by the Mississippi House of Representatives to transfer the Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium to Jackson State University, represents a “win-win” for JSU and the people of Mississippi, according to the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning.

The agreement to transfer the stadium property, effectively shepherded by the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration, will enhance the university’s ability to take full advantage of the opportunities associated with the stadium property and gives it greater control over its own activities, IHL said.

“We at Jackson State University thank the legislature for their support on this measure that satisfies all parties,” said Dr. Carolyn Meyers, JSU president. “We ask that all remember that we continue to look forward to having a stadium on our campus.”

When JSU eventually moves to a new stadium, the subsequent transfer of the stadium property to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, which currently parks nearly 3,000 cars per weekday at the stadium, will secure vital room for future expansion for this growing academic medical center.

“This important legislation allows Jackson State University to maximize revenue from the stadium through effective management of the property,” said Dr. Hank M. Bounds, commissioner of higher education. “I appreciate the cooperative efforts of Jackson State University, the Department of Finance and Administration and the University of Mississippi Medical Center that made this opportunity possible.”

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