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MS should call Jackson the District of Magnolia, take it over

By Amy McCullough

* UPDATE — Feb. 8, 12:15 p.m. — Jackson Police detectives just showed up at our office to collect prints from yesterday’s break-in. Would have been nice if they had shown up yesterday, before we all disinfected our desks and the prints were still here.

The state of Mississippi needs to take downtown Jackson under conservatorship and declare it the District of Magnolia.

That way Jackson’s business community and state buildings could stay downtown and might actually have a shot at decent police protection, sound water infrastructure, etc.

For the second time, for the second week in a row, Mississippi Business Journal employees arrived at work this morning to find that their office at 200 North Congress St. had been broken into, most likely by a homeless guy named Willie who has mental problems and makes a hobby of vandalizing downtown businesses.

Have a snack in your desk? It’s been half eaten. The rest of it has been deposited on your co-worker’s desk. The locks have been pried off desk drawers. Contents has been dumped out in the floor. Random items have been redistributed throughout the office.

Few things are stolen. The guy’s mostly after food. But needless to say, it’s annoying, disturbing and it costs money.

Jackson’s tax base has been eroding for quite some time. You’d think city government would get a clue: Nobody wants to live in a place that’s not safe. And when people leave because they don’t feel safe, you have less money. And less money makes it harder to afford personnel to keep a place safe. It’s a compounding problem.

Of course, incompetency and in-fighting don’t really help anything either.

Fortunately, sub-freezing temperatures haven’t caused pipes to burst and another Jackson Water Crisis to occur like it did in both January and February 2010. The MBJ temporarily moved it’s headquarter to Madison’s Hilton Garden Inn so we could get the paper out. They had ample amounts of water that was both drinkable and flushable. Businesses, unlike the state Legislature, can’t just close shop when it’s inconvenient.

But now we have a new problem for 2011: The Jackson Homeless Person Break-in Crisis!

We’re two-for-two. Let’s hope there’s not a third.

(And let’s hope Securitas can find an employee who won’t be found asleep in his car when he’s supposed to be monitoring our building, like their guy was this morning.)

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  1. I am very sorry you and ur property r not safe here. Its an interesting concept…District of Jackson. Modeled on the federal city. I think there is a strong federal presence here and we get loads of federal money which will be dropping off as will some of the state money we are used to. Jackson’s problem with drugs and poverty has a thirty year history and I am old enough to have witnessed it. Drugs started pouring into the USA in the 1980s and enormous profits have been made by the people at the top or those with immunity. The Kerry report which is hundreds of pages has 20 pages on Jackson. The Starsky Redd drug case as well as the legal corruption trials of DeLaughter,Scruggs, et al highlight the deep corruption here. Our last mayor’s career is another example of government failure in Jackson. U know first hand tho. Sorry.

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