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Book Biz: Two recent works examples of state’s literary prowess

Pass Christian Books owner Scott Naugle is an enthusiastic supporter of Mississippi writers and Mississippi subject matter. He touts two fine examples of both in the recent works of Ward and Vendryes. Signed copies of both books are available from the bookseller.

“Where the Line Bleeds” tells the story of two brothers recently graduated from high school who are struggling to become adults. “They select separate paths, affecting one another and those around them in a compelling story that rings so true in our world,” Naugle said. “Ward’s writing style is densely rich in descriptive prose while at the same time propelling the story forward at just the right pace. Those familiar with the Mississippi Coast will recognize the setting of a thinly disguised Pass Christian and DeLisle. This is a strong and memorable first novel from Ward, a native of DeLisle.”

“Barthe: A Life in Sculpture” is a monograph on the life and art of Bay St. Louis native and sculptor James Richmond Barthe. Naugle says the book is unusual in that it is an attractive coffee table book with dozens of image of Barthe’s sculptures as well as a biography of sorts.

“It walks the reader through his life via his artistic work,” he said. “At a young age, Barthe established a worldwide reputation for himself in the 1930s due to both his attention to detail and by pushing the boundaries of the sculpted form.”

Through June of this year, the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi is featuring several of Barthe’s works in an exhibition dedicated to him and curated by Vendryes.

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