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Viking has added 6,000 Facebook fans since Saturday night

By Amy McCullough

Greenwood-based Viking Range Corporation may be used as a case study by Facebook, says social media guru Joe Stradinger, who just got back from a meeting with the social media company last week.

By using a new tool called Facebook Stories that Stradinger implemented four days ago, Viking’s fan page has added another 6,000 people.

Want to know how? Stay tuned for the full story in next week’s Mississippi Business Journal.

Less than a year ago, Viking had only 1,000 Facebook fans. Under the tutelage of Stradinger, their total has now topped 140,000.

Thoughts from Stradinger:

“What social media allows you to do is meet people where they are and to have a conversation. This is the first time you can have a conversation like no conversation you’ve ever been able to have before with a consumer….

“The more that people are conversing, the more that people are engaged, the more people are going to be loyal, and the more people are going to buy.”

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