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Barbour 'disappointed' in Senate's education spending plan

JACKSON — Gov. Haley Barbour is letting lawmakers know that he is not happy with the Senate’s proposed budget for K-12 spending. The Governor’s Office released the following statement:

“I am disappointed the Senate ignored the difficult budget situation we face by voting to spend $81 million more on MAEP than the level funding proposed in my budget.

“We will see little if any revenue growth in the coming years, and we must consider all state needs as funds are appropriated. Putting more state money into education when we have $85 million in federal funding available means we jeopardize how much we will have to spend in coming years.

“To ignore the money our school districts have received through federal education jobs funding will result in other agencies receiving less funding and will nearly eliminate any reserves for the following year.

“I thank Senate Appropriations Chairman Doug Davis for his efforts to steer his colleagues in a fiscally responsible direction and the 22 senators who voted against this irresponsible funding plan.”

Sources: Governor’s Office

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  1. Barbour is a total loser and a nut…..he has not done anything good for the little people of this state

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