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Barbour: House redistricting plan unfair

JACKSON — Gov. Haley Barbour is not happy with the House’s plan for redistricting, and he is calling on the Senate to not support it.

“I thank House Republicans and a few Democrats for voting against a redistricting plan that would leave many Mississippians without fair representation in the Legislature,” Barbour said. “The House plan would pack nearly 30,000 more Mississippians in 35 existing districts currently held by Republicans than mathematically should be included in those districts.

“The House Democrats also completely ignored the growth in Madison and Rankin counties and the Hattiesburg area, which together have grown by 65,741 people since 2000. They refused to include any new districts for these areas despite the fact that the population growth alone (more than 65,000 people) is nearly enough for three House districts.

“I hope the Senate will not support the House plan because it’s not fair.”

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