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Chancery clerk resigns after visit by auditors

CALHOUN COUNTY — A chancery clerk in Calhoun County has resigned.

A news release yesterday from Mississippi State Auditor Stacey Pickering says clerk Jess Moore’s resignation followed a visit by agents from Pickering’s office.

Agents conducted a cash count of the Land Redemption account following an allegation of missing funds, the Clarion-Ledger reported.

Pickeing’s news release said the agents concluded an undetermined amount of money was unaccounted for and that Moore repaid about $12,000 that had not been properly deposited into the account.

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  1. What makes Jess Moore so above the law that we are not hearing of an arrest for breaking the law stealing and embezzling money. Resigned it should be Jess Moore Fired and arrested. We need a change How do these people that are given jobs and can steal taxpayer money. If it was a taxpayer they would be fired and locked up but let a state or government employee do something and its a resignation.

  2. Why is he not in jail?

  3. Vicksburg Resident

    The Warren County Chancery/ Circuit has in been visited by the same state office. THEIR findings show a gross misrepresentation of this local official. Can’t wait this outcome……

  4. All of the White Collar crime suspects get away with it most of the time, it’s time they go
    to jail like the rest of us.

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