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Entergy offering assistance to Japanese

NEW ORLEANS — Entergy Corporation reports its nuclear employees are closely monitoring the situation in Japan in coordination with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations and industry peers.

Working through NEI, Entergy says it has offered its support and assistance to the Japanese nuclear industry.

Entergy added that its nuclear plants were designed and built to withstand the effects of natural disasters, including earthquakes and catastrophic flooding.

In a statement, Entergy wrote: “There will be lessons learned from this tragic event. Incorporating those lessons into operating experience is a hallmark of the global nuclear industry.

“It is worth noting that the natural environment surrounding the nuclear plants in Japan is very different from the environment surrounding Entergy’s nuclear plants. According to information provided to us by NEI, and generally common knowledge in the scientific community, Japan is more susceptible to frequent and intense earthquakes than other developed countries.

“While it is still early, it appears that the nuclear units’ safety systems functioned properly after the initial effects of the earthquake in Japan. Reports suggest it was the overwhelming tsunami that severely damaged the plant’s cooling capabilities and recovery efforts.”

Source: Entergy Corporation

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