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Meena supporting FCC's data roaming proposal

RIDGELAND — Cellular South president and CEO Hu Meena says he is supporting the Federal Communication Commission’s plan to include an automatic data roaming rule on its April Commission meeting agenda.

Meena said in a statement: “I am very pleased to see Chairman Genachowski moving the FCC forward on a data roaming rule. The certainty of automatic data roaming is a critical step toward ensuring that the mobile wireless marketplace fosters greater competition, innovation, and job growth.

“As with today’s wireless voice service, American consumers expect to have seamless access to their email and the web wherever there is a compatible wireless network.

“But it’s not only the consumer experience that’s at stake. Job creation and economic growth are stifled by uncertainty over whether competitive wireless carriers like Cellular South, Sprint, T-Mobile and many others, will be able to offer their customers access to other compatible data networks when they travel throughout the nation.

“With Chairman Genachowski’s leadership on data roaming and 700 MHz interoperability, the FCC has an opportunity to begin unleashing substantial job growth — enabling wireless carriers like Cellular South to invest hundreds of millions of dollars of private capital in the construction and operation of new cell sites, towers and retail locations.”

Source: Cellular South

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