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Pharmaceutical association's ads target state lawmakers

WASHINGTON — A new ad campaign by the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA) “warns Mississippi legislators that SB 2445 would increase healthcare costs by granting the State Board of Pharmacy (instead of the State Insurance Commissioner) authority to regulate pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).”

This power transfer would create a conflict of interest since the board members are pharmacists, a group which contracts with PBMs and could financially benefit from the policies they set, the PCMA said.

“Letting pharmacists regulate those who negotiate their payments is a conflict of interest and will increase health care costs for consumers and employers,” said PCMA president and CEO Mark Merritt. “This ad campaign should give Mississippi legislators second thoughts about passing a law that lets the ‘fox guard the henhouse’ and in turn undermines health care cost savings for consumers and employers.”

Source: Pharmaceutical Care Management Association

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