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Thanks for sticking up for Mississippi business


Your concentration on the Mississippi catfish industry, which is under assault from across the nation, is a credit to your publication.

It does appear there has been a choice made between Vietnam and the United States and our U.S. leaders, including those from Mississippi, have chosen Vietnam.

That is sad.

Please keep the pressure on. I hope someone is listening, because a way of life for a lot of people is about to be taken away by our government because we want more trade from Vietnam.

Mississippi already gets snubbed from the rest of the U.S., but to get the snub in favor of Vietnam makes you wonder about loyalties.

If there was ever a time special interest groups were making an impact, it is now.

It is sad to see Sen. (John) McCain take the stance he has taken, particular considering Camp McCain just south of Hattiesburg was named in his honor. Maybe we should re-name that facility.

Bill Swanson


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