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Thigpen: "Barbour is ready to fly"

By Stephen McDill

JACKSON- In MBJ-TV’s final installment this week of the Forest Thigpen interview, the president of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy chimes in on the biggest political question of the year: will Haley Barbour make a play for the White House?

“I’ve compared it to- what he seems to being doing now- as a military jet coming in to an aircraft carrier,” Thigpen says. “He’s going full speed and there may be something that reaches up to grab the tail hook. He’s ready to fly I think… he’s doing all the things necessary.”

While Barbour has in recent months ratcheted up his opposition to the Obama White House, the 63-year-old former lobbyist and Republican party boss has yet to formally announce his candidacy and has even come under fire for statements he’s made ranging from the civil rights movement to Confederate History Month.

Thigpen says that it’s the governor’s ability to simplify complex issues that would make him attractive to voters outside the Magnolia State.

Thigpen: “While some of my friends in many of the other states have commented on his accent, the fact is that once you listen to him you find that you can understand what he’s saying- then you can decide whether or not you agree with him, but at least he makes more sense than a lot of the people that have been discussed and he seems to be a lot more at ease with himself.”

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