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Barbour asks for FEMA joint assessment of storm damage

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — Based upon initial figures from ongoing damage assessments by the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and local officials from storms that crossed the state April 15, Gov. Haley Barbour requested Individual Assistance Joint Preliminary Damage Assessment Teams from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Damages to homes and businesses in Greene, Hinds and Kemper counties from the storms will be assessed by the joint teams consisting of MEMA, local officials, the U.S. Small Business Administration and FEMA. The first joint assessment will begin today in Greene County.

The damages from those three counties are as follows:

• Greene: Twenty-three homes destroyed, 28 with major damage and 47 with minor damage. Five businesses destroyed, five with major and four with minor damage.

• Hinds: Thirty-four homes destroyed, 117 with major damage and 162 homes with minor damage. Three businesses destroyed, six with major damage and 10 with minor damage.

• Kemper: Twenty-six homes destroyed, 17 with major damage and 16 with minor damage. Three business buildings destroyed, one with minor damage. More than 100 people are displaced.

Source: MEMA

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