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Crump probably has never been to Mississippi


RE: “Idaho writer needs a Missisippi education” (Ross ReilyColumn, April 11) …

Having traveled out west several times on trips that included Idaho, I did not see one thing that would lead me to say anything derogatory about the State of Idaho or the people who live there. In fact, except for the mountains, the scenery would make many Mississippians feel like they were at home.

My dad used to say “if you’re not making waves, your boat’s not movin’.” At least the rest of the country knows about Mississippi. What have we ever heard that Idaho did? Nothing, they hibernate too much — don’t get out at all!

I’ll be willing to bet that Mr. Crump has never traveled to our fair state and his comments were mere “regurgitations” of what he had heard someone else say. Or formed those comments based on unfair media statements.

We should offer to bring Mr. Crump to visit us. We’ve got some guys here in Lawrence County that could help him snare a big gator one night! By the time he got through eating some catfish & hush puppies, I think he would change his tune.

Wait, on second thought — do we really want to mess up what we have with the likes of him?

Bob Smira

President/CEO, Lawrence County CDA

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