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EEOC suing Signal over treatment of immigrant workers

PASCAGOULA — A federal agency has filed a lawsuit against an oil rig construction company over treatment of hundreds of immigrant workers recruited in India to work in Mississippi and Texas.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges numerous allegations of discriminatory conduct by Signal International against the workers, including forcing them to live in crowded quarters with poor food for which they were charged $35 daily. The complaint, filed April 20, also says they were subjected to hostile working conditions and that the company retaliated against two workers for opposing the alleged unlawful conduct.

Calls to Signal International in Pascagoula and Mobile, Ala., were not immediately returned for comment, according to the Associated Press.

Indian workers filed a lawsuit in 2008 making some of the same allegations, which the company then called “baseless and unfounded.”

Source: Associated Press

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  1. Interesting that our industrial construction sector has been suffering a hiring dive, since Katrina. Oh wait that would be citizens who would feel the effects of the H2B visa program.
    with hundreds of thousands of shipfitters, pipe fitters and welders out of work, it amazes me our govt can state they are just doing work American Citizens wont do.. I have no sympathy for a people who would come to this country,legally or illegally, when they get the shaft by one of these companies.
    and as a side note, most of these “victims” will now be given conditional citizenship because they have been victimized by this company, well what does the citizen victim get? after all he was turned away when the positions became available and he applied for the job..
    After Katrina these companies brought H2B and H1B visa holders to this country and would arrange for a place for them to stay in what is called a man camp, but these companies refused to put most of the employees they had, before the storm, back to work.. and another thing, most visa holders do not return home after their visa expires, they just move on to cities that protect illegal aliens have a anchor baby and complain the govt is splitting up families “if” they are ever caught and deportation proceedings started. Any idea how many H2B and H1B visas have been handed out in the last 2 years?? would you be shocked to know, there were more new ones and renewed visas handed out last year than in the 3 years before?? wake up people…I hope the courts don’t side with these “immigrants” maybe word will get out we are not a friendly nation and more jobs will open up for citizens… By the way, these people were given a per Diem, and $35, a day is cheap, I recently stayed in a roach motel and was paying $52 a night just to work a job… I would have been happy to have paid $35 … also these immigrants get to deduct the $35. and the per Diem isn’t taxed, so where is their beef??

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