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Heather Hudson vs Bennie Thompson?

By Amy McCullough

Greenville Mayor Heather McTeer Hudson recently announced she was running for Congress in Bennie Thompson’s district.

Is Thompson running? Thompson’s office returned a call to the MBJ this morning regarding an interview, but at press time none had been scheduled. For the moment at least, we’ll have to keep guessing. UPDATE (11:20 a.m.): Thompson has told MBJ he is running.

The McTeers and Thompson are long-time friends. What would her race due to that relationship?

Hudson’s responses in an excerpt from the upcoming MBJ Q&A:

Do you expect Congressman Thompson to run again?

I can’t tell you what he’s going to do, because I don’t know what he’s going to do. I think it’d probably be better to ask him that question. Because I’m not aware at this point what he’s choosing to do.

You joked that people have told you it would be easier for you to run against Barack Obama than Bennie Thompson. How will you campaign against him?

My campaign is my campaign. Anybody who has served in public office for 30 years should be commended. My campaign is my campaign. My campaign is for the people in the 2nd Congressional District. My campaign is to help get the resources to the people of this district and help to bring jobs to this district. … People need a good education system. … I intend to be that public servant that provides that assistance. A very personal, on-the-ground level of helping to get those resources in. And really working together, that’s what we’ve got to do.

What do you anticipate your biggest campaign challenges to be?

This is a huge district. And I think the district’s expanding. With redistricting we have lost in the Delta roughly 30,000 people, so the district’s going to expand. And I like to get out and I like to touch people and I like to talk to people, and I’ve been doing that. I have the energy to be able to do it. I have the energy and the enthusiasm and the experience to get out and get to all parts of this district. And it’s a challenge that I’m looking forward to facing.

If you run against Congressman Thompson, do you think you can win?

Not a thought – we’re going to win this race. … Anybody who has been in public office as long as Mr. Thompson should be commended. At the same time, I would not be in this — and I have thought long and hard and prayed about doing this – I would not be doing it if I did not think I had the opportunity to serve the people of this district.

Your dad (Victor McTeer) and Congressman Thompson have been long-time friends, how will running against Congressman Thompson affect that relationship?

You’d have to ask him that.

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